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Coordinated Entry Training

Service providers who would like to complete CE intakes on paper or in the HMIS system are asked to complete the following trainings

  • OC Connect overview training
    • This training gives an overview of coordinated entry in Orange County, will be replaced in the coming months with an updated training​
  • VI-SPDAT training

    • This training from OrgCode, creator of the VI-SPDAT, gives info on how to complete this assessment​

  • HMIS Entry/Exit training - even if not using the HMIS system, it's important for you to understand how to fill the paper forms


If you would like to complete CE intakes in the HMIS system, please contact Corey Root to request an HMIS license. This training takes about 10 hours over one week to complete - NCCEH Data Center will send information on next steps after you request your license.

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