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Your Support Circle is made up of a team of volunteers who provide empowering support to you and families as you transition to stable housing and self-sufficiency in the community. All teams are committed to understanding the kind of support you, the partners need, making use of their knowledge and resources, while remaining humble and respectful of your own unique experiences.

As a prospective Partner in a Support Circle, it is important to put some thought into where you would like to see yourself in the near future and, if possible, at the end of 12 months. Your interests, goals, and communication with team members will shape the experiences of the Support Circle year.

If you are interested in being matched with a Circle, step one is submitting the following two very brief forms. Please email completed forms to

Once you and a service provider submit the forms, a member of the Support Circles Advisory Committee will get in touch with you to arrange for an interview and to discuss future steps.

You may also consult the Partner Handbook to learn more about the program, the roles of the team, and how the whole process unfolds over the course of the year. 

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